Hui (h_u_i_y_u) wrote in uw,

To drop or not to drop, that's the question..

Let's say I'm taking MATH 407 and 408 this quarter, but I'm freaking out because Prof. Burke told us the story about someone who was taking both and got 3.9 for 407 but 0.7 for 408.. I seriously don't want to take 408 if everyone else that has taken 407 has a better chance of getting a better grade.. For those of you who have taken some (or all) of 407-409, could you please be so kind to tell me what I should do now? Also, I can still graduate on time if I drop 408 this quarter and take 409 next quarter.. but would you prefer 409 over 408? Ughhh.. >< please help, thx! =)
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