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Architecture 210 - Section TAs

So, there was an earlier post about the TAs in the design drawing class for arch, and I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with any of these?

TTh 930 - 1220
Gail Wong and
Nan Ching Tai

TTH 230 - 530
Cynthia Esselman and
Katherine A Freels

TTH 530 - 820
John M. Crone and
Lydia A Marshall

WF 130 - 420
Ben G Sharpe and
Ashish Nangia

In addition, Gail Wong and Cynthia Esselman are the profs for the overall lecture. Anyways I'm currently in the morning section (930 - 1220) with Gail Wong and Nan Ching Tai because it fits with my schedule the best. I'm able to take any of the other sections, though, so any advice is appreciated. I don't mind if my TA is harsh, as long as they're fair and will push me to be good at whatever I'm doing.

Thanks Guys
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