Kristin, really. (kill) wrote in uw,
Kristin, really.

Hi all -- I checked the memories but couldn't really find an answer, so I thought I'd ask here...

I'm recovering from back surgery and part of my rehabilitation is to swim as it's the best thing I can do for my back exercise-wise.  So for winter quarter I'm planning on swimming each day before classes. 

Trouble is, I can't really tell from the map what it's like to get from the IMA to, say, the quad or the HUB.  I've never been to the IMA, so I was hoping someone could tell me what the walk is like.  Is it uphill?  Is there a bus that goes between the two areas?  I'm not looking for speed of getting to class but rather avoiding climbing the hills while I'm still recovering.  I've studied the available bus maps but I figured I'd ask to see if someone could give me some more detailed information.   I'm trying to kind of set up a daily schedule for myself so I can work out my work schedule as well.

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