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I've applied for fall next year and I have some questions about the photography program at UW. i'm very interested in photography but I haven't had quite enough experience with it yet to know if i want to major in it yet or go into it as a career, I just know that I want to take some classes at UW and learn more and go from there. I've heard from a student that the beginning photography and beginning art classes are very difficult to get into and if you are in them and you're not an art major, you're almost "looked down upon" because you're a spot filler for someone that needs the class for their major. Is this true?

Would I be able to get into a beginning photography class as a freshman or would I have to wait? Even if it's difficult to get into these classes because of the demand, is it possible?

I've been trying to take a photography class in high school for about three years now and due to lack of programs and scheduling conflicts it's been impossible until this semester (although i've been doing photography as a hobby for a few years now), and i just really want the opportunity at SOME point to take actual classes and especially learn the darkroom developing process.

For those of you that are majoring in photography or are taking any photography classes now, how do you like the program??

I'm sorry this was all over the place, but if you can help me with any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated!

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