Timmons (rtimmons) wrote in uw,

Anyone have any opinion on Math 403 as compared to Math 402? I hear it's more ring theory as opposed to boring, old group theory.

This abstract algebra mess is fun and all, but I just can't imagine myself using it ever unless I decide to become a crazy mad-scientist in Physics or Chemistry. Which may be inevitable, but I'd like to delay that as long as possible. So I'm thinking about not continuing with the algebra series.

I'm trying to satisfy both BS Math and BS Computer Science senior electives simultaneously as much as possible. This means taking lots of math classes that are questionably relevant and occasionally awful. I've already taken 407 (linear optimization) and am going to take 408 and possibly 409 (nonlinear optimization and discrete organization). I've heard decent things about the combinatorics series, but it's not being offered next quarter.

Basically I'm looking for math classes that might be fun/relevant to somebody who's doomed himself to be a code-monkey for the next few years.

I have to choose from

414/415     Number Theory
424/425/426 Fundamental Concepts of Analysis
435/436     Introduction to Dynamical Systems
438/439     Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
441         Topology
442         Differential Geometry
461/462     Combinational Theory
464/465/466 Numerical Analysis I, II, III

Thanks in advance for any input. Now back to studying :)
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