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I changed one of my classes to S/NS awhile back since I'm not doing so hot. I DON'T need more misc credits and I'm kind of pissed that it came to that, but I'd rather get misc or no credit than sink my GPA. However, I have one question:

Since I am only taking 12 credits and this class is the 2 credit one
Since I basically have my entire tution paid for with Husky Promise and Tuition exemption, for both of which "full time" is a requisite

If I end up getting a NS and not getting credit for the course will I have to pay back every penny I got from both of those since I'll have only actually EARNED 10 credits? Is it based on whether you take a full time course load, even if you end up not getting credit for or failing a class, or is it dependent on actually recieving full time credit as well?

I REALLY don't want to have to pay it all back...mostly because I can't. Someone told me they've been in the same situation as me before and the school just asked them to write a letter of explanation as to why they didn't pass or get credit for the class, and what your circumstances were.

Can anyone confirm this?
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