Kristin (malicious_pengy) wrote in uw,

So, I have a plethora of questions. I've just been saving them up, I guess...

1) Okay, I saw them building that thing between Odegaard and 15th last year. But what is it? Is there a reason we have a picnic area encased in purple meshy stuff?

2) My inbox has seemed rather empty lately....and then I found out that WebPine, for no particular reason whatsoever, has stopped forwarding my mail to the inbox I actually check. I stared at it for a while, but couldn't remember how I got it to forward in the first place. I loathe WebPine.

3) As shown in the previous question, I'm nearly hopeless with technology. I've heard that UW students get some space for a personal website? Could someone elaborate, or at least show me an faq page on that?

4) It's possible my little sissy is coming over sometime soon! She's 17, a high-school senior, and currently trying to decide where to go. It seems to be mostly between here and CWU at this point...
What can I show her, both on campus and in Seattle, that will definitely make her want to come here? She's interested in possibly ROTC (Naval or Army), working out more than I think is physically possible, money, Germany and German stuff, "music, food, nutrition, cake decorating, sculpture, baking, photography, drawing, writing, clothing design, anything artistic." She's liberal, intelligent, and an independent Protestant.

So, if you help me with even just one of those, I would be thrilled. Thank you!

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