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I was at the IMA the other day to get a membership.
For staff and faculty, the fees are:
$60 per quarter
$200 year pass (wow! save 40 bucks)

I had everything planned out so I could buy an annual membership and use monthly payroll deduction to pay for it. That way I THOUGHT I could save however much more money before all the salary/medical/ss/live in America taxes are taken from the paycheck. When I got to the counter, the girl kinda seemed oblivious (it was getting late on a Wed night, I don't blame her).

I asked to sign up for a one year pass and use payroll deduction. She mentioned that it would be easier to just pay $200 plus tax up front and insisted that I wouldn't be saving any money (besides the $40 discount on year pass) While I was filling out the card, she admitted that she would have to get her boss and it would be this big deal in order to sign up for payroll deduction thus implying I was the bane on her existence and making her job ever-so-difficult.

Has anyone signed up for an annual membership or can someone verify if she is bs'ing me?
I decided not to get a membership just yet. I want to figure out if I should drop 220 bucks one time and bypass monthly payroll (since she says it doesn't save anything in the long run)

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