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(All right, if you're on my f-list and are a member of LJ linguistics communities, you've seen this way too many times since I x-post because I must, but since most people here aren't--... And I do apologize to at least one certain someone, he knows who he is). Ahem, anyway.

I'm wondering if any of you folks are native speakers of Italian, French (not Canadian), Spanish (Castillian), Dutch, or German, OR you know someone who is and would like a job putting your native language skills to use. An additional requirement is that you have a good knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet and experience making phonetic transcriptions; any linguistics student at UW who speaks the above languages natively will be fine because transcriptions and the IPA are covered in Ling 200/400.

The company that I work for is needing phonetic data for European languages for speech recognition software. The task is to provide phonetic transcriptions for words on a list (they will be town names, business names, band names, sports team names, etc..). It's most definitely paid, ~$10/hr and you get bonuses if you do a good job (when I did the same thing, I ended up making $14/hour every time), if you're a linguistics student, that's a great opportunity to get some work experience in the field on your resume. The job is NOT hard, and is very nice if you're a student--set your own pace, work any time you want from your computer, etc.. You do NOT have to be located in Seattle, or even in the US, to work on this. All will be done through e-mail as it is, so it makes no difference if you're in Seattle or in Madrid.

If you or someone you know might be interested at all, please feel free to either comment here, or e-mail me at annas7@u., just put down "native speaker job" in the subject so I see ya! :-)

Appreciate your attention and thanks!

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