shazbott (shazbott) wrote in uw,

Video Game Awesomeness

Hey guys! I'm writing an article for the Sundodger, a newsletter put out by the Husky Marching Band. My subject is Top Video Games on Campus. I'm pretty much asking anyone I can find the following questions, anyone care to jump in with their opinions? You don't have to answer all of them. If you want to go into detail with your answers, please send them to


Favorite video game(s)? Why?
Favorite genre?
Game with the best musical score? Why?
Are music/sound fx important to a game? Why?
What's most important- plot, graphics, art, sound? Something I didn't think of? Why?
What game has the best plot?
What makes a good plot?
Best multiplayer game? Why?
Best game studio (I'm talking 3rd party studios, don't give me Microsoft or Nintendo here)?
What's so good about the studio you picked?
Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony? Why?
Game with the best graphics?
Best movie based off a game?
Best game based off a movie?
Game you're most looking forward to within the next year?

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