julia (husky2be) wrote in uw,

withdraw and financial aid

im waiting for word from the financial aid office, but im hoping that you guys could tell me your experience.

i had to fully withdraw from all my classes on thursday because of stuff that is going on in my personal life. if everythings settled i want to come back in january.

on saturday i received a check in the mail for my financial aid, it was for the two loans i had taken out. the other grants were put on hold. what do i do with this check now? can i return it to them? or am i stuck with it?

i was also reading the faq (http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/contactus/faq.html) and number 4 said i wont be eligible for further aid. is this a sure thing? or is there some wiggle room here? is my aid canceled for winter and spring now?

im kinda scared right now. i just want to make sure ill have financial aid when and if i return.

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