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I know I'm going to sound like a dumbass for posting this, but I wanted to warn everyone about MY experience with Clearwire. I signed up at the end of August, and for the first week (your "free return" period) the internet ran really fast. Both my boyfriend and I ran speed tests, and it definitely passed all of them, and we were pleased. As we continued to slowly move in before classes, the "free period" ended. Once we moved in, our internet has been running extremely slow, despite the fact we're paying for their second tier speed level. And I mean SLOW. Slower than dial-up. So slow, we can't open google for almost 5 minutes. So slow we can't run a speed test, because we can't open the page. We're getting full reception, have spoken to the techies at Clearwire multiple times, and yet have been told that we cannot cancel our service without paying a $180 termination fee. We're going through the steps to have this removed, but I warn all of you, DON'T GET CLEARWIRE. I've seen their reps out in full force along the ave lately. Don't be fooled.
And if any of you have suggestions as to which internet provider would be better, please let me know. I'm currently looking at Comcast, but if anyone has had problems with them, make sure to tell me! Thanks!
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