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work load comparison: C LIT 270 vs SCAND / C LIT 230

Yeah, I hate that I'm asking one of these questions as well. A pox on my house, etc etc etc. There is one related entry in the memories but it is years old. I'm thinking about making a change in my schedule because Film: Introduction requires 2.5 hours a day of class. I've no idea what the homework or essay time will be like in addition to that. Fall is going to be tight for me time wise. I'm not looking for what's easier, exactly, just what takes up less of my daily hours. Especially (repeated for emphasis) because the film class already has so many class hours.

C LIT 270
Film: Introduction


SCAND / C LIT  230
Introduction to Folklore Studies

I don't even mind missing out on a little bit more fun if it means more time for my other classes. Though any thoughts on either of the classes would be appreciated. Obviously you can only have taken one of them, just give an estimate of how much that one takes.
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