the state i am in (pocketnovel) wrote in uw,
the state i am in

Sublet in Madison Park

Hi, I've decided to travel until winter quarter starts so I'd like to sublet my house at 42nd & McGilvra in Madison Park.  It's an open layout house that's perfect for one or two people.  It has in-house washer/dryer, a patio, lots of street parking, a walk-in closet, and is across the street from the terminal of the 11 bus.  (Which you can take down to 23rd & John and then take the 43/48 up to UW.)  The kitchen is fully equipped, and the house is mostly furnished (but with still plenty of room for your stuff if you have it).  I have it set up with a bedroom and a sunroom right now, but the sunroom could be used as a second bedroom instead.  Madison Park is a great neighborhood, the house is three blocks north of Madison where there is a grocery store, lots of great restaurants, and more.

Sound interesting?  Leave a comment and we can talk.  Rent is normally $950 but I'm asking $750.  I'm looking for someone immediately although I could hold off if you can't take it until fall quarter.

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