Amelia (comatosestate) wrote in uw,

I've gone through the memories, and still have a couple of questions for you good people.

I'm thinking about transferring in to UW, after a year and a half at a small liberal arts school and year (but with only 1/2 year's worth of credits) in Argentina.

I hear that transferring can be difficult. I would like to Major in Women's Studies/Minor in Spanish, or something of the like, but I only have one intensive semester of Spanish to my name and the rest of my classes have been political science and human rights. Would it be impossible to get into these departments? (Not sure how all of this works, as my last school didn't even have majors or minors.)

I don't know if I want to take another entire year off of school, but would gaining residency help my chances for admission?

How is the Women's Studies department? Is it quite large? Would you recommend it?

Is queer life on campus easy to get involved with, and the people open, or is it horribly clique-ish and elitist (as was the case, unfortunately, at my last school)?


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