julia (husky2be) wrote in uw,


hello!! i will be attending uw as a transfer student this september, and i have some questions that i hope you guys could answer

1) how many of you have a long commute? i am weighing my options right now. i live in enumclaw currently and that is rather far from campus

2) i looked into the web site about the apartments (stevens court, nordheim, and radford) but seeing that it is already june, i am concerned about not getting an apartment by september. is there a particular deadline? is it too late, is what i'm asking. and i have trust issues so i want to live alone.

3) what is living in the u district like? i'm basically concerned about crime. i have heard about shootings and other stuff in the area. i hear stuff about seattle all the time, so i am nervous.:) are there any other quieter neighborhoods?

thanx those are my questions for now

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