Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

Please don't hate me for adding onto the dorky academia train.. buuuut.. I had a question similar to the previous ones.

I also just graduated last weekend, so obviously I (theoretically?) can't take any classes over the summer.  But there is this one class I'd really love to take (fr.472) if my work schedule would allow it.  I'll be working for the school, but I dont know how much the "student" vs. emloyee status would count in the sitaution since any possible "student" status doesnt matter b/c I already graduated, and therefore, could still work more than the weekly 19.5 hrs for uw students.  i hope..

I'm assuming my only option & way into the course is via auditing the class?  If the instructor allows it.  I wish I could have looked into & gotten on top of this sooner, but nope, can't, work starts next monday and I have no clue what the sched looks like. dang

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