Quan Minh Dau (qmdau) wrote in uw,
Quan Minh Dau

Hey everyone,

I'm evan's roommate Quan. Just joined the the community because is used to consist of bitches like Evan, Brad, and Erik.

Just posting to advertise for a salsa club we are starting next quarter. The plan is too have ASUW help fund us for cars and stuff so we can go salsa dancing once a month.

Another thing I wanted to post about was that I have been given the option to sign-up for time at the Ethnic Cultural Theatre. I'm curious of what to do during that time. I was planning on showing various movies for one day, but not sure what. I know my roommates wanted to watch lotsa anime, but I'm debating if I want to show a mass screening of Shaolin Soccer.

Anyways, we'll probably be doing a MAPS talent show so I'll advertise for that, but it would be cool to get a buncha fools there to watch movies.
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