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Usability study of the MyUW portal

The UW Office of Information Management is seeking participants for a usability study to identify improvements needed in the MyUW portal.

The study is being held in the usability lab at Mary Gates Hall, which is located near the center of the Seattle campus. Each participant will be scheduled for his/her own individual session, which will last about 45 minutes.

To qualify, you must be a user of the MyUW portal. Each student participant will receive a gift card as a token of our appreciation. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to participate. Your feedback would enable us to make the MyUW portal easier and more enjoyable to use.

Sessions are available for May 30, June 1, and June 4-5. To arrange a MyUW usability session, phone Mitch at 206-221-5082 (UW extension x1-5082) or email deridder@u.washington.edu.

Thank you!
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