Ra (magiklabyrinth) wrote in uw,

Stupid Insurance...

This is more directed at the ladies of UW....

Today I found out that UW Health (or whatever official name is in charge) lost some kind of financial backing and now my birth control is $38/mo. vs $16/mo. I can submit an insurance claim now, but my wonderful grad student insurance has a co-pay of $25/mo.! Argh. *AND* I can no longer get 3-4 months worth - I have to come in every single month, like I didn't already have a problem getting to the pharmacy on time when I just had to go there every 3-4 months. If I didn't have any damn insurance I'd be able to go to Planned Parenthood and get my annual check-up for free along with *cheap* birth control. As it is now, the check-up already takes a financial toll since both my husband and I are grad students. Now more for the bc? Are there other options out there? If it wasn't for the good dental with my insurance I'd try to reject it altogether.
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