Sarah Kilometers (rahtherevenant) wrote in uw,
Sarah Kilometers

Artist or Artists wanted!!

Hi everyone!

I work for Seattle Parks & Rec and we are looking for an artist  or artists to help us on a large indoor mural within our facility. We have a grant to do the project but are kids are required to help the artist as well. (All of our kids are teenagers only!) We don't really have a specific idea in mind. We've kicked around a lot of idea such as having an artist design and sketch the wall and then our kids could help you paint or something else. Really, we're open to suggestions!!

My supervisor would like, ideally, to find an Art Grad student that is needing to work on a large project such as this. Or any other art students willing to help. The only mandatory thing they are looking for is a decent sized portfolio to review. There  MAY be a possibly of being paid (through another grant) but that would be a small fee. We are hoping someone would like to do this as a volunteer experience. 

If this sounds like something you or a friend would like to do - please let me know!!
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