DisjointedSmurf (disjointedsmurf) wrote in uw,

E1 parking lot

So I had loaded my husky card with funds last night, and of course it wasn't on my account this morning at 7:30 am. Anyways, I go to the E1 parking lot, swipe and it rejects me... So I have my buddy get out of the car and lift the fence for me to sneak under. I do this succesfully until some stupid UW pick up truck driver drives up to my car and tells me I can't do that! So of course I complain, but in the end I just left the parking lot because he wanted to call the cops.
Sooooo moral of the story: don't load your husky card account the day before you need it at E1. (This ain't the first time happening to me either, damn me!)

On another note: I want to master Java programming over the summer. So to all you CSE majors out there, what is the best way to do this? (I've already taken CSE 142, and if CSE 143 is like 142 I feel that it will be too slow to actually master the language)

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