Lost Wanderer (khokhmah) wrote in uw,
Lost Wanderer


Hi everyone! The season has arrived for ads for apartment sublets! Before anyone points fingers, I've cross-listed to Craigslist as well, but I'm posting here in case anyone on LJ is looking for a summer sublet. The info is as follows:

I am subletting my room from June 14 - August 31, 2007; it's a room in a four-bedroom apartment on NE 50th St. and NE 16th Ave. The room has its own bathroom and closet, and the building includes laundry machines. It's a two-block walk to the UW campus. There are three female roommates; female roommate required. Rent is $475 per month and includes Internet. Utilities are separate; the bill is sent directly to the apartment. Pictures available upon request.

Really, folks, it's a nice apartment. There's a shared living room and kitchen; the apartment is close to Safeway, and is a nice walk to the U-Village. I'll leave my futon and dresser for you. Let me know if you have any questions!
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