missing mountains (yer_k0nstantine) wrote in uw,
missing mountains

intensive italian?

hey all,

so i went through the memories and found out a little about the summer intensive italian course. i know i want to take italian and i have my lease through the summer so i may as well take advantage of summer classes.
my questions are:
has anyone in this community taken the intensive course, and if so, what can you tell me what to expect out of it? 
is it manageable with a part-time job?
or would i be better off taking it throughout the year?
last, i've got something going on the day after the last day of class (saturday, august 18th that has been set in stone for awhile so i wouldn't be able to miss that) so i was wondering when the final was. on the summer course site it noted that finals usually are on the last day of class. does this hold true with languages too?
any information or thoughts are welcome.
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