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campus job

The Waterfront Activities Center is hiring for the summer. Can stay on into the winter if you want:

Position available: Counter/attendant
Pay rate: $8.16/hr.
Hours: Variable, evenings and weekends
Qualifications: UW Student
Contact person: Chris Delaune,, (206)543-9433

Job description: Issue equipment to people, help people into row boats and canoes, retrieve people if they flip, open and close building and docks, cash register, phones, light custodial.

No previous experience necessary, should be strong in English though.

Perks: you get to drive a boat and save people, free IMA pass if not in classes, possible eligibility for U-Pass, free canoe rentals for life, free ice cream if we get the same ice cream guy again, anytime is otter pop time, do not have to explain to Jimmy Johns where we are located, awesome management, casual dress, possible free storage for your small watercraft (no engines).

I've worked here for 2 years now. Its not the greatest wage out there, but:

Winter: Though you may only get 10-12hrs/week those hrs are spent just sitting in the office doing your homework. (When I first started, on my second day, which was in the month of April, we watched movies on my co-workers laptop) You would also have to answer phones, most of which you would transfer to someone else, and there is a conference room that would need re-arranging or cleaning up if there is someone in there that day. December is full of Christmas parties. We don't rent canoes from November - January.

Summer can be REAL busy if the weather is nice. Sometimes we'll have all 80 of our boats out on the water. You don't really get to take a lot of time off in the Summer, but usually co-workers will cover for each other if asked. And to stay on during the winter you are required to work labor day weekend. Also we work on July 4th. You would have to spend some hrs outside on the dock or at the equipment stand. But time outside is shared equally among co-workers.

compared to other jobs: The WAC is part of the IMA, funded by undergraduates, so though one should be polite, there is none of the 'customer is always right' crap. We are not selling anything. We are a place that facilitates an activity for undergraduates. The general public can take or leave the WAC as it is. But people usually love it, even if they tip. Which means instead of bitchy customers there are happy ones. (God help me I used to work at a UPS Store)

A number of the current student staff are graduating and will be leaving the area for the summer.

Want to check out the job? come rent a canoe! $4/hr with current ID sticker, chash or check only. No Kayaks.
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