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24-hour zine! - Students Producing Art and Music

A UW club I'm a part of, Students Producing Art and Music (SPAM), is hosting a "24 hour zine" project starting tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00 pm. I prefer the term "giant party with gluesticks", but, well, read what Brittain (the club's leader) has to say about it herself:

hey all y'all:

the 24 hour zine is happening this weekend at club yatta, so bring your pens, scraps of paper, and anything else of interest to create a SUPER FANTASTIC PIECE OF LITERARY GENIUS!!! as said before, you can draw comics, write short stories, jokes, etc, to your hearts content.

the event will start at 5:00 pm this friday and carry on until 5:00 pm saturday. i'm not certain yet, but anyone who actually stays for 24 hours will be given something (???). you may come when ever you like, and stay as long as you desire... or until you are tired of making bullshit... which ever comes first. a theme will be announced at the start of the event. if you haven't voted yet, you still can.

there will be some food, it would be great if anyone wants to bring something. there will also be limited drinky drinky, there again, you can also bring what you like. think of this more as a giant party with gluesticks.

For info on where it's at (or, if you have any other questions, too!), just email Brittain at goodspam@u.washington.edu. Don't worry, it's within walking distance from campus.

Micah (SPAM webmaster)
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