Jenny (silversparkles7) wrote in uw,

Annual Drop

I'm in BIOL 180 right now with Prof Bradshaw and I failed the first midterm (the median was 41/100 and I got below that). I'm seriously considering dropping the course but I'm not sure. I heard that the class isn't curved and I don't want to get anything below a 3.0. But the class is out of 560 points and I suppose I have a chance to improve with labs, the second midterm, and the final, but who knows if I'll do even worse on the other tests. I don't want this class to ruin my GPA. Do you guys think it's best to drop the course and try again in the fall with Prof Freeman? Though I have heard the Freeman's tests are very difficult as well. I understand most of the materials in my bio class right now and I read the book but I just totally panicked during the test. If anyone here has been through the biology series (preferable with either Bradshaw or Freeman) and knows about the consequences of dropping a course, please help!
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