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So this morning I was really happy that I got into grad school. But now that I am coming back down to Earth I have realized that the price tag of grad school is incredibly high.
The school is in Madrid and costs 32000 Euros for one year of tuition (thankfully the program is only a year).
If I sold my car, my soul, my clothes, and everything I own I would probably get $6000 in the end. And even so at the current exchange rate that would not be much, and it would be more advantageous to invest this money in some US stocks.

So I could go to a bank in Europe and take out a fatty loan, OR I could go ahead and look for scholarships. 
I have a 3.58 GPA and I am in honors, I've got a pretty solid background etc... So, here is the questions: 

>> Where do I get the free money? How do I start looking? 

(The program I got into is a master in financial management)
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