Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

need lifeguards BAD! apply!

Hey folks,

In case there are any Lifeguards out there, or people thinking of getting a LG job, in the process of testing for LG...

The IMA needs Lifeguards BAD!  Well, more specifically, Hutch Pool needs some lifeguards.  The current empty shifts are for the 1130-1pm swim Mon-Wed-Fri.  So if there is anyone out there w/ LG certification looking for a job, feel free to apply via the IMA jobs page.  I think you're chances are good, since that m/w/f lap swim has been temporarily suspended until further notice-- until some more lifeguards can be hired/shifts can be rearranged to cover all lap swim times.

Here is the job listing page:

Pay is pretty darn good too, DOE.  Not a crummy $8.00  Although I think base may start at 8.16, but there is the possibility of earning upwards of $15/hr I believe
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