HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in uw,

Hardship withdrawl

How hard is it to get a hardship withdrawal? I took Spanish 103 "UW in the high school" last year and dropped out in the middle of it. My counselor advised me to drop some classes because of some issues. My teacher told me that if I did not get a 2.5, I would not get credit for it so I assumed it would be blank. I called UW and they said that I have a 0.0 in that class from last year. I'm currently in the same class and my teacher said that I would replace the grade from last year. But they (UW) said that it would still affect my GPA for college. 

My concern is that since it was from last year, they might not replace my 0.0 with a HW (hardship withdrawl). Also, will they include when you withdrew, like HW6 (6 weeks) or will it just be HW?


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