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Any CSE Majors?

What are the chances of getting into a full CSE majors course? Do people tend to drop them more/less/as frequently as other courses? How willing do you find the professors are to overload?

I'm a new CSE major and haven't been coded in as being able to take CSE classes yet, and the classes they recommend taking your first quarter (303&370) are very close to full. I told the advisers that I can't register yet, but I think it's mostly up to the guys at the registrar's office at this point.

In the past I've always had luck finding an opening by keeping a close eye on the SLN page (or sicking one of the various tools on the job). I will continue to do this, but if there's very little track record of people dropping CSE courses as the quarter draws near, then I'll keep my next few days' anxiety level down and resign to focusing on gened reqs this quarter.

Thanks in advance!
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