S (oui_je_danse) wrote in uw,

Financial Aid Question

(For the purpose of this question, I’d like answers to be from people who have done this in the past two years. The economy, University rates and financial aid change to much every year for old information to be valid.)

Is there anybody who is from around Seattle who lived in the UW dorms and had financial aid cover all their board, but then moved into an apartment that wasn’t their nearby family residence?

If so, how much did your aid change and in what direction?


I’m thinking about renting next year but I won’t be able to if the financial aid office offers no help since I won’t be in the dorms and my family is near by. Insert long winded explanation of why here.

Thanks in advance. To offer my gratitude to the fickle hearts of this community, here is a comic of some amusement. Or if you're the WashPIRG type, a little giggle about global warming.

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