Sarah Kilometers (rahtherevenant) wrote in uw,
Sarah Kilometers

Curiosity killed the cat

Hi, I've never posted here blah blah blah.

Anyway, I transferred this winter from out of state. From reading entries transfers get the short end of the stick especially out of staters. I didn't want to go to the University a whole five miles from my house because once the Simpson's joke about it uhm yeah. "Everyone gets into Arizona State!".

My Uncle lives here in Seattle and after visiting him a ton of times and campus I wanted to come to school here. My GPA isn't stellar (3.1) but I did have all my core requirements (minus two, a science class and one more foreign language class) completed.  I focused my essay diversity topic on Navajo & Hopi tribes. At the insistence of a friend I also sent three letters of recommend from the presiding judge I worked for, court manager, and a professional photographer. ( I'm an Art History major BTW.)

Needless to say, all of my Uncle's Seattle friends, were shocked that I got in. It was kind of funny because everyone in AZ was telling me "oh you'll get in!" but that's because ASU takes everyone it's just a matter of getting into your program. So from what I gather from this community that a good accomplishment? Is there anyway to figure out how/who/what you were scored by for your admissions? I'm convinced it was the letter from the judge I worked for that probably got me admitted but I guess I'll never know.

Oh and I also saw the memory post about Judy Clark (Art H Adviser) and that woman is INSANE! I spent 30 minutes arguing with her that Physical Anthropology, with the course description in hand, was a NW Science. She spent the rest of the time telling me it wasn't. She finally agreed in the end but it's in one ear and out the other with that woman.
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