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Housing Question

This spring I'll be transferring from WWU to the UW (very excited!). Anyway, I will most likely be living on campus, and even though I doubt that I'll have much control over were I want to live, I thought I would ask about the dorms anyway. And yes, I read the memories. My main concern is meeting people (only know a couple random people that go to UW), and yet not completely surrounding myself with freshman (though in the end, living with freshman can be fun). But really, I want to make friends, so I'm looking for a pretty social dorm with fun people and a friendly atmosphere. Noise doesn't matter that much to me, I'm a super heavy sleeper, so it doesn't have to be quiet. I like clean (bathrooms), that's always a plus, and edible food (doesn't have to be gourmet). Distance wise, I like a walk, so north or south, doesn't make a difference to me.

Any recommendations would be nice, and why you like/don't like the dorm. Thanks so much!
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