DisjointedSmurf (disjointedsmurf) wrote in uw,

Badly formulated question

Hope my question somewhat makes sense:
If I want to take an online class Spring quarter and take some regular classes that quarter as well. Do the number of credits add up so that I pay regular tuition?
Take 5 credits online + 12 regular credits. Would I pay just for 12 credits (12-18 credit is the same price)? 
There is like $50 of extra technological fees associated with the online class, so would the $50 be the only difference in tuition?

And also has anybody taken Math 125 online, and if yes how did you like it? And do they grade on a curve in that class and how different is it from the regular math 125?
I can only take Math 125 online because I do not want to be on campus more then twice per week. 

(This is the website for the online fees: http://www.extension.washington.edu/ext/courses/fees.asp , couldn't find the info I was looking for though :(
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