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Applying for Summer 2007.

Hello! 8D I'm Trina and I'm currently in my senior year in the Philippines.

UW has the most tedious application ever. 8o

I'm having a problem with my transcripts because they're in a numerical mode (like 95, 94, 89-- not A, A- B+) and my school said that they have no way of converting it. Furthermore, every single person in the admissions has a different say about it. Before I submitted my application, the person said not to put my grades anymore because they will receive the transcripts via mail anyway. When I checked if they received it, they said they haven't and that I should have sent it in my online application. Confused, I asked for another person to talk to but this person said that it's okay, whatever, they'll just look it up.

I don't know who I should follow anymore. I really want to get in. Sniff. T_T

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