petticoatmemory (petticoatmemory) wrote in uw,

Art Major

I'm currently a Painting+Drawing major at the U, but I'm beginning to think that maybe a Photography major is more along the lines of what I really want/need to be doing. However, beside the basic 140 Photography class (which I've already taken), none of the other photo classes are realistically available to non-majors. Before I do something drastic and switch my major, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts or opinions on the UW Photography program. I get the feeling that there is a rather strong emphasis on digital vs. traditional/darkroom work, which I'm not sure I like. Also, how competitive is the major? I get conflicting answers everytime I ask this. Is the Photography program at the U even a strong program, or should I look elsewhere for photography experience and continue with my Painting+Drawing major?

Any thoughts/opinions/experiences are much appreciated. :)
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