Manda (moonbabymandi) wrote in uw,

Please oh please don't let the bus squash you..

Dear UW Students living in the Northern Dorms:

I may come off as just another cranky bus rider, but honestly I care for your safety.

The first thing I learned when I came to UW seems to be common sense to some. College Life 101: Never ever, ever, ever step in front of a metro bus. I hesitate to step in front of a bus even when the driver waves me on. I usually just pretend I'm not going to cross the street until the bus passes.

But really your poor top ramen-supported college body vs. one huge bus? Trust me, it won't work out the way you want it to.

What prompts this entry is that I have noticed a great number of the students going to class in the morning using the crosswalk between Padelford and McMahon by that huge hill that leads up to campus.
Right before classes start (at least in the morning), there is usually a line up of cars and buses waiting on the hill to get onto campus. The buses brakes can only take so much, and every day I see people continually walk out in front of buses. Some people even give the bus drivers hateful looks because the drivers tried to turn left and move the bus off of the hill before the pedestrians could get to the crosswalk.

I'm just asking that next time you are about to jump in front of a bus, pause a moment, and let the bus go. Or perhaps cross to the other side of the road earlier so you don't have to use that specific crosswalk. Not only will the students and staff who are crammed on the buses like sardines be grateful, but it's good karma, you can always use more good karma. That and you won't get squished.

Please take this into consideration. Thank you for your time.

- Fellow Student and Bus Rider :)
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