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Be on the radio!?! OPEN CASTING CALL.

We're finally going to be having our open casting call for the SHAQ radio show! SHAQ is an RSO whose main objective is to make being healthy and well sexy again - and one of its initiatives is to produce a talk radio show (a la Loveline) where on-air personalities will answer calls and emails alongside UHELP and U-CALL volunteers.

We need funny, quirky, knowledgeable, and frank folks who want to be a regular on-air personality.

Bring yourself to Hall Health, room 213 on

Tuesday, Jan 23rd 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM (note - building closes at 5:00, so call (206) 221-7817 so I can let you in if you're locked out!)


Wednesday, Jan 24th 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

to take part in an interactive group audition. It should be fun, informal, and will be a good chance for you to give your input on how you think the radio show should be. Bring any of your friends who might be interested! Feel free to forward this to anyone who might fit the bill.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you can't make either session. I'm chanman @ u. wash

See you soon!
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