Astrid (slimey_limey) wrote in uw,

UW-only IRC server


channel #uw

(confused? maybe reading this will help you)

Someday I'll put lots of cool info up at this page.

One caveat---I've set up the server so that you can only connect from an on-campus IP address. I don't quite have all of the UW's address blocks listed, so you might get "not allowed to connect" even though you are on campus. Sorry. I'll fix that later, after I'm done with finals. If you live off campus, I recommend using an IRC client (or a bouncer) on

Edit 09-Dec-2006 19:18 I've opened it up to all comers. If it becomes a problem that might change.

Edit 13-Dec-2006 11:56 Port number has changed at the request of C&C. Check back at this page if for some reason you can't use the server; I might have to change it again.


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