Live by the internet, die by the internet. (almypal) wrote in uw,
Live by the internet, die by the internet.

Salary hilarity

Browsing the faculty salaries, I came across an entry for Professor PLOTNICK, ROBERT D., who stood out in the list because he makes a whopping (compared to most other faculty) 15535.94 per month, or $186,431.28 per year.

What does Robert Plotnick specialize in?

From his website:

Professor Plotnick's research primarily focuses on poverty, income inequality, income support policy, and related social policy issues.

I don't know Professor Plotnick and I'm sure his work is very valuable and that he is a great guy who deserves the cash, so don't get me wrong, I just enjoyed a good chuckle out of this and thought you might as well
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