Karl Smith (kazzman) wrote in uw,
Karl Smith

Four good reasons to cancel class....

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No injuries, thank goodness.
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Where did this take place?
And HOW did that happen?!
It was on 11th between 52nd and 54rd. Our top scientists and scientist-sock-monkeys are calculating the physics as we speak. (Basically the car in the back hit black ice, running into the parked car second from the right in its rear-right corner. This *somehow* pushed it underneath the car in front of it).
Ha! I totally thought it was on 11th, I think I spent way too much time walking up and down that street last year.
Hehe, meeeee too. There aren't too many one-ways around here, so the direction of the parked cars helps.
Holy crap!!!

Too bad the university will never do it.
look at that fatty bass.
Lol yea, I was noticing just the same thing. At least you know you are around the u-district when you see something like that.
i had to drive by it twice becasue it was so amazing. seattle drivers and ice are a horrible combination.
Are these parked cars?
I didn't think that was possible unless you're driving over 15 mph.
11th was soooo slick last night, I was sliding around every 20 feet! I didn't get to see this, but I almost could have caused something like this in my poor vehicle.