Jake (zeblith) wrote in uw,

*edit* Thanks for the feedback, I got what I needed. =) */edit*

Okay, so anybody else being harassed by this Union, UAW Local 4121/ASE(Academic Student Employee) Union, here? I'm a TA, and they had one of their lackies hunt me down twice after I taught section, and now they're sending stuff to my apartment.

They're telling me they get 1% of my wages, and I can elect to be a part of the union and up my contribution by .2% to attend Union meetings I'll never be informed about and so on.

So, they keep sending me these forms telling me I'm required to fill them out within 30 days of becoming an ASE, but I've been one for 2 months now. And if this was really required, why wasn't it presented when I originally applied for/was accepted into my position? Because it seems like having this and them demanding I sign it is showing that I get some sort of option and they're trying to bully some of my pay (Granted, a whole measly 1%, but I am definitely against paying them to harass other people as they have been me) and I'm just wondering what the hell the deal is.

Any input?

*edit* Thanks for the feedback, I got what I needed. =) */edit*
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