hasenoehrl (hasenoehrl) wrote in uw,

Sketchy Financial Aid

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen or knows anything about this:

I've been getting calls on my cell phone that come up as "Anonymous" on call ID. I finally answered one day and it was some guy wanting to talk to me about my financial aid. He knew my name so I thought I'd listen to what he had to say. The guy told me that he could lock in low interest rates on my loans and eventually asked me for both my financial aid ID number and my social security number. When I gave him neither he seemed to get upset, "I need your social security number. Don't you want save your hard earned money?!" When I asked him who he was and who he was working for he just began to repeat himself: "We just want to offer you lower interest rates."

So, in short, I'm pretty certain it's some sort of scam, so if you get a similar call, please beware. Has anyone else gotten calls like this? Am I just paranoid?
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