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Happy Thursday, all!

(I have been asked to pass this on in the name of science. Or, if you'd prefer, computational linguistics. Please consider helping out - the universe would greatly appreciate it! :) Oh, and there is an article in today's Daily partially about the email contact person listed below.)

There is an opportunity in the next few days to play the role of a
traveler to an exotic place, while volunteering as a subject in a study of
user interface design. The "interface" is the part of a system that a user
actually interacts with.

A team of students in a UW computer-science course is designing the
interface for a translating camera phone. The user, a traveler who doesn't
know the local language, would take pictures of signs, menus, and other
texts and submit the photos to get the texts translated into their own
languages. Our job is to design the interface so it is easy, efficient,
and understandable. For this purpose, we need to ask a few volunteer
subjects to use a rough draft of the interface to carry out some typical
tasks. The session will last no more than an hour and a half and can be
scheduled for a convenient time and place.

Sessions will take place during the period from the 10th to the 12th of
November (Friday through Sunday).

If you would like to participate in this study as a volunteer subject,
please send your answers to these questions to Jonathan Pool, at

1. What languages can you read?

2. What parts of the world have you traveled in?

3. Have you already used a mobile camera phone?

4. Are you a computer novice, regular user, power user, or programmer?

Once we get your answers and are ready to schedule session, we'll contact

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