Bea (fadingbluestar) wrote in uw,

Hey everyone. Sorry for posting this again, but I'm still uber-desperate for a roomie and I'm running out of ways to advertize. So in case any of you missed it, here it is again:

vital info

  • location: Seattle - u district - 8th Ave between 43rd & 45th

  • apartment: 2bed 1bath, kitchen (with dishwasher & garbage disposal), back door (if you smoke this is VERY handy) to semi-private patio type thing, large living room, wahser/dryer on site one floor above, secured building, parking spots available for 50$/mo, water & trash paid for.

  • rent: $425/mo. + utilities which generally run about 30$/mo including electric, phone & cable modem connection. There is a room that could be used as a third bedroom so as to spilt the $850 rent three ways to bring it down to $284.

  • any additional info wanted email me at

    if you know of ANYONE that would maybe possibly even a slight chance want a place like this, please don't hesitate to give out my #s and the above mentioned information. as i said she moves out on the 10th of this month so I need someone ASAP[!!!] And all i ask of them is that they be reliable, communicative, not a total slob, and relatively quiet during the weekDAYS.

    thanks everyone. keep your eyes open for me!! :)
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