Sarah Ruth (sarahruth) wrote in uw,
Sarah Ruth

I'm taking a directing series at the School of Drama, and we're encouraged to spend 2 hours a week on a date with our "artist." Not as froofy as it sounds... we're just suppose to go do something on our own that will feed our artistic side, or show us something new about the world (so that in turn, we have a greater database to influence our creative process).

So! Does anyone have any great suggestions of things to do in the UW area? It can be anything from art exhibits, nice walks, campus events, interesting spots on campus to people watch, attending a class that you're not signed up for... anything that is something you just normally wouldn't do (... or something you might do, but a different way of experiencing/approaching it).

Cheap is good, free is great!

Much thanks, Bellos!

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