Caelan (itsumademootaku) wrote in uw,

textbook for sale

Does anyone need a MATH 307 textbook? I'm selling an "Elementary Differential Equations 8th Edition" softcover International version that I used last Spring. It's lighter than the hardcover, but about the same dimensions. There aren't any marks or highlights inside, and the content is all in color and on reasonably good paper (I say this because sometimes softcover versions can shaft you in those areas). There is a crease and some other marks on the cover, and the corners are a teensy bit worn (one looks like it got wet, but that was before I used it). Overall, though, it's in pretty good shape.

Suggeted price is $35, but I'll take the best offer I can get. And hey, if you already bought the book from the U bookstore, you can return it until the 11th.

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Happy learnings!

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