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Happy Dorm Thoughts

What is this? This is me looking at the dorm rates and thinking it's a tad bit spendy. I don't know how many other people calculate this kind of stuff out, but take a look at it and you might find some interesting/apalling information that might influence your decision in the coming years about where you live. As you can see, my pro/con list at the bottom is a bit biased, so please give me extra input if you do like the dorms :) If you're at all interested in rates on rooms/apartments, check out (to my eye rooms are around 400$ - 500$, utilities included is hit or miss), and play with the filters for prices and any specifics you may want. Also helpful is , which is craigslist on googlemaps.

Important note: I used the 2006 - 2007 rates. Not all quarters are actually three months, which is how I calculated monthly payment. In fact, most of these are low because I divided the quarterly payment by 3. Autumn quarter = 2 months + 2 weeks, Winter quarter = 3 months, and Spring quarter = 2 months + 2 weeks.

Another option is the Steven's Court Apartments. It's 571$ per room, and I think four rooms per apartment, all utilities (including phone) included. Benefits of this? This is still close to campus, and it's actually a charge per month, not quarter, and you don't get kicked out during breaks. Still, high for the area.

SINGLE ROOM Dining Level Dining Husky Card Account Room Rate Total Quarterly Payment Monthly Payment Comments
Premium 4947.00 60.00 4770.00 9777.00 3259.00 1086.33 Not so bad if you do board optional. A little bit higher than what you'd have for a room in a house, and based on what I've had/looked at, I'm going to say average-to-high for a studio.
Preferred 3183.00 60.00 47770.00 8013.00 2671.00 890.33
Basic 2619.00 60.00 4770.00 7449.00 2483.00 827.67
Light1 2061.00 60.00 4770.00 6891.00 2297.00 765.67
Minimum2 1701.00 60.00 4770.00 6531.00 2177.00 725.67
Board3 117.00 60.00 5232.00 5409.00 1803.00 601.00
Optional Program

DOUBLE ROOM Dining Level Dining Husky Card Account Room Rate Total Quarterly Payment Monthly Payment Comments
Premium 4947.00 60.00 3882.00 8889.00 2963.00 987.67 Keep in mind when you're looking at these figures that you're paying this to share a room with another person. Not even an apartment, but one room.
Preferred 3183.00 60.00 3882.00 7125.00 2375.00 791.67
Basic 2619.00 60.00 3882.00 6561.00 2187.00 729.00
Light1 2061.00 60.00 3882.00 6003.00 2001.00 667.00
Minimum2 1701.00 60.00 3882.00 5643.00 1881.00 627.00
Board3 117.00 60.00 4242.00 4419.00 1473.00 491.00
Optional Program

TRIPLE ROOM Dining Level Dining Husky Card Account Room Rate Total Quarterly Payment Monthly Payment Comments
Premium 4947.00 60.00 3111.00 8118.00 2706.00 902.00 And when you're looking at these figures? Remember, this is to share that same room as above with TWO other people. If the dorm is actually fitted for three people (some of them are, according to the website), then you'll want to look at the rates above for the double room.
Preferred 3183.00 60.00 3111.00 6354.00 2118.00 706.00
Basic 2619.00 60.00 3111.00 5790.00 1930.00 643.33
Light1 2061.00 60.00 3111.00 5232.00 1744.00 581.33
Minimum2 1701.00 60.00 3111.00 4872.00 1624.00 541.33

  1:   After the first quarter of occupancy, residents can select the Light Level.

  2:   The Minimum Level is available only to returning residents and is the nonrefundable minimum required of all residents (except those in the Board Optional Program).

  3:   Only students assigned to Board Optional areas are eligible to participate in this program.

Pros for living in dorms        
  • utilities (and usually food) are paid for

  • you're VERY close to class

  • lots of people everywhere

  • don't have to clean the common areas

  • already furnished

Cons to living in the dorms          
  • It's EXPENSIVE (most apartments pay water/sewage/garbage and you're left to cover electricity), especially considering that you have to share the room with someone else. You can get a lot more privacy for the same or cheaper

  • lots of people everywhere

  • If you don't spend at least the minimum per quarter on food, you don't get that money back.

  • you get kicked out for half a month at christmas winter break

  • just to help you out, they charge an extra 460$ if you choose board optional. It's not like you wanted to use that money for food or anything.

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