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More self-indulgent than important.

I guess it is about time to leave this community, now that I am home from my exchange. Academically, I guess the UDub wasn't for me, but I enjoyed my 2 quarters of enrollment and my 1 quarter of just kind of hanging around pretending to be enrolled. I just moved back last week from my little room on Greek Row to my folks' little house in ghetto-fab Coney Island (NYC), and yesterday (Thursday) was my first day back at the City University of NY's Hunter College, beginning my 5th and (god-willing) final year as an undergraduate (if you don't count that I wasn't taking classes last Spring quarter).

Anyway, I just felt like saying goodbye. Take-home message, you kids are way lucky that you get to attend such a well-funded and well-maintained college with such a diversity of academic programs. And you're lucky to have a campus full of flowers, a lake to play in, a view of mountains, and more than 6 buildings. Enjoy it!! But if you've ever considered doing National Student Exchange to my school, which is the only member in New York City, I do encourage you. You'll get to experience a city that you may find striking when compared to Seattle, you'll get a decent education (not to mention easier good grades; your grades on exchange actually don't factor in to your GOA anyway though) for the semester or year, you'll meet allllll kinds of people, and when you get back home you'll see your tall trees and the colorful flowers you have everywhere and your mountains with brand new eyes. And maybe you'll understand why someone from my school sees your campus as something out of a fairytale world, hehe.

I miss Seattle already, even though I am glad to be eating my favorite foods again (best food ever!). I guess I'll stay a few days in case anyone wants to comment for some reason. But goodbye!!

If this was too long lemme know and I'll put it behind a cut.
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